Sarah Gray


I’m a Brooklyn-born, Chicago-based technologist and artist. I studied theater directing at Macalester College as well as at the CityKids Repertory Theater, Eugene O’Neill Theater Institute and Living Stage Theater. I was taught by practitioners who approached theater from perspectives including anthropology, performance studies, original writing, non-linear storytelling, and social change. I’ve also studied writing and performance at Second City, Feminine Comique, and Neo-Futurists in Chicago.

My practice in experimental theater led me to incorporate video and later other technologies in my work.

I received my Master’s degree from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Program.

Work Statement

My work deconstructs content and form to create alternative narratives that expose the poetic heart of the familiar. My practice spans many mediums, including writing, performance, video and the web.

I’m interested in telling stories and revealing moments we might not have otherwise seen, whether they are imaginative future landscapes, moments of laughter, or meditations on bodies in space. I have a particular interest in non-linear narratives, which allow us to embody experiences that may not have space in patriarchal, plot-driven structures.

My process often begins with an inarticulate urge or strong image which I use as a starting point towards finding language and form. My goal is to bring the audience to a moment of communion with themselves and the work in the present moment.

Artist Residencies / Alternate Learning Environments
Theater & Directing Work
  • Directed plays and original works at venues including The Playwrights’ Center (MN), The Center for Performing Arts (MN), Williamstown Theater Festival (MA), 72nd Street Theater Lab (NYC).
  • Member, Lincoln Center Theater Director’s Lab, 1996 and 1997
  • Recipient, MN Regional Arts Council Grant, 1996. Grant received to start The Directors’ Forum, a year-long experimental direction workshop and series of performances.
  • Williamstown Theater Festival, Assistant Director, 1994