Original writing, wood, photography, flock (2000)

In collaboration with: Sabrina Bowers, Danielle Nyugen

The Fuzzy Trilogy

The Three Worlds of Fuzzy Flock was an interactive book in three volumes, made in collaboration with artist Danielle Nyugen and book designer Sabrina Bowers. We constructed three books, made out of wooden blocks. Each “book” was made of nine cubes that fit the narrative together like a puzzle. The volues are intended as a playfully interactive narrative in which the reader constructs images and narrative fragments to solve a greater life. The three volumes follow the life of a fictional character named Fuzzy Flock—and present the reader with the mystery of her death.

We wanted to take an “ordinary” girl’s life and explore the ambiguity and pain that may shadow its edges. Each of the volumes focuses on a different era in Fuzzy’s life and presents narrative fragments which come together to give a picture of her life at that time. The books, titled respectively, Dear Diary, While You Were Out, and All You Can Eat, deal with Fuzzy’s childhood, her corporate career, and her escape to Las Vegas.


Each book is made up of nine wooden blocks set in a shallow case. Each side of the blocks has 1/8th of a full image on it, and there are six different ways the blocks can be assembled – 5 stories and one title page.

Each book contains 5 stories and one “key”. The key is a block called “The Missing Piece” which shows each image in full. The bottom of each case has five narrative fragments written by Fuzzy Flock.

The job of the reader is to assemble the image that goes with each written fragment. Each final image consists of eight blocks and one “hole”—the empty spot where you can read the accompanying text on the bottom of the case.

As the reader follows the clues on the bottom of the cases, she constructs fragments that reveal a series of different scenarios, different “days in the life”, and ultimately solves the mystery of Fuzzy’s ordinary life and mysterious death.

Project Video


Using the theme “FUZZY” as a jumping off point, we created three interactive narrative objects. Each of these objects comments on the theme “fuzzy” and how it relates to the character in a larger context. The three areas of focus are a fuzzy pink “girls room”; the soft padded fuzziness of corporate/conglomerate work culture; and the exuburant fuzz of a Las Vegas lifestyle.

We are interested in both the literal and implied connotations of this word: as physical space, state of mind, style of life: and interested in exploring the different states of being “out of touch” that seem to accompany each iteration of “fuzziness”. Our Three Worlds piece is intended as a playful commentary from within these worlds, and we want the reader to feel free to rearrange the story to get the full narrative.


At ITP Gallery

On view at ITP

Close-up with reader

Person reading the book

Single book

Single book