Live video feeds, custom software using interactive video tracking (Track Them Colors), Monitors, Goldfish (2000)

Across All Monitors

Swimming across the landscape

Plenty of Fish In The Sea was a 3-monitor installation that tracked one tank of goldfish as they swam back and forth.

As the fish swam across their tank, they appeared to swim between the 3 monitors, each monitor representing one-third of the image. And with each monitor their image would disintegrate slightly.

The fish moved from a full video representation on the left, to a pixelated, color-based representation in the middle monitor, to being represented only by words in the final monitor. This was an exploration of what it means to “digitize” our experiences.

My interest is in the “disintegration” of a moment, from reality to reference. I wanted this piece to be delightful and instantaneous as well as thought-provoking. The fish, as live agents who inhabit the computer in so many different simultaneous ways, interact with a system that is able to represent them in the different levels of abstraction that make up our digital world.

Fish in words

Fish drawn in words

Fish in words, detail

Fish drawn in words, detail

Project Video